How Business Simulations Give Students the Leading Edge in Job Interviews & the Workplace

In this video, Dr. Darl Kolb explains how business simulations give students confidence, which affords them a leading edge in job interviews and in the workplace.

Business simulations give students the unique opportunity to further their education while preparing them for the workforce. Dr. Darl Kolb of the University of Auckland believes MikesBikes simulations gives his students an edge when entering their respective industries.

The modern business industry requires students to simultaneously be competent individuals and team players. Dr. Kolb places great confidence in MikesBikes’ abilities to match these diverse criteria. Its experiential learning platform goes beyond traditional methods, allowing students to confidently respond to industry problems and rise above other candidates. Students can demonstrate their experience working in team environments, exemplify an understanding of business problem-solving and fully represent themselves as capable professional candidates.

A recent graduate who has used the business management simulation, MikesBikes, talks about their ability to work in a real team environment with confidence. This kind of self-assurance cannot be achieved through traditional educational settings, and can only be gained through practical, hands-on experience of the kind gained through simulations.

This level of business experience inside the classroom distinguishes MikesBikes business simulations from traditional pedagogies. As affirmed by Dr. Kolb himself, the real experience in these simulations gives both instructors and students a genuine confidence in the product and its student cohort.