What Do Students Think Of MikesBikes?

The positive experiences of the students serve as the best testimony for our business simulations. This case study on University of Auckland students exemplifies how MikesBikes provides a unique and practical learning experience. Students Jennifer, Jude and Joel share their experiences using business simulations.

Start of the course

The three students were asked about their initial thoughts before starting their MikesBikes journey. On the outset, the students described their excitement towards running a business in a simulated environment; something that none of them have done before. Jennifer expressed her anxieties towards her grades being dependent on her business performance. On the other hand, Jude and Joel were excited for this new learning experience.

During the course

During the course, the students were asked about their thoughts on MikesBikes. Overall, they developed a new-found confidence in the business simulation. Jennifer was thrilled that she’s able to manage her own company in a risk-free environment. Joel also spoke about how it motivated him to learn more about business management.

End of the course

At the end of the course, they were asked to reflect on their learning experience. Overall, having the ability to develop and test their business strategies in real-time provided them with the greatest learning experience. Joel described how working in teams made him learn a great deal about himself. While Jude and Jennifer described how the simulation encourages students to identify their strengths and weaknesses all within a safe and positive environment.

In summary, the students’ experience with the MikesBikes simulation taught them valuable lessons about business and of themselves. They started the course excited but understandably unsure of how it may benefit their learning. However, by the end of the course, it became clear how this experiential learning method benefits students in many ways. Auckland University students are prepared and confident to enter the workforce after completing the MikesBikes simulation.