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New Interface for Smartsims Business Simulations: Update August 2017

As I write this we are approaching the final concept stage in the development of our exciting new simulation interface. These will be released as they become available over 2018.

However, there is still plenty of time for you to share any comments or suggestions with us.


  1. To showcase our simulations as the modern and intuitive applications they are;
  2. To develop additional features which improve usability and the overall user experience; and
  3. To improve the process of new users getting up to speed and expedite them becoming power users.


A new look: A clean and simple design which gives the application a very modern feel.

Functional menus: We will be moving to a top menu as our main navigation method. The menu is structured into functional decision areas, some of which are complemented with a drop-down mega-menu to illustrate the decision structure within each function.

Dashboard: When students log in they will be greeted with their company dashboard. This will feature a number of elements to help both new and power users; including key performance indicators, a section to lead students through the important next steps and our overview videos.

Relevant information when students need it: On each decision screen we want to provide students with the key information relevant to making the decisions on that particular screen. So they will feature key data and reports, past year performance indicators and live visual feedback as they make changes.

Live forecasting: We know that students don’t always understand the impact individual decisions have on their overall performance. Although we currently have both forecast reports and an “offline” testing feature, we want students to see the potential impact as they make these changes. As such, a new “Live Forecast” widget has been proposed (top right on the decision screens) which will automatically update as students make changes giving real-time feedback.

Greater integration of videos: Our videos have become the most popular method for students to learn about the simulation and plan their decisions, so we plan to improve and further integrate these.

Want to see the concepts for yourself?

Just email me and I can supply a pdf with an example of the concepts.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please let me know.

Ian McPherson
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer