Picture of Dr. Robert Sproule

Desire2Learn Innovation Award

Bob Sproule of the University of Waterloo, a long time user of our MikesBikes-Intro Simulation, has been awarded the Desire2Learn Innovation Award. The award seeks to recognize and celebrate innovative teaching approaches in post-secondary education worldwide.

Bob has received this award for his exceptional and innovative approach to education through his integration of MikesBikes into his Introduction to Business Course, and complimentary course content. Students are placed into teams of four to manage their MikesBikes company, where  they develop company strategy and implement this through our online interface.

Desire2Learn Incorporated is a world-leading provider of enterprise eLearning solutions that enable institutions and other organizations to create teaching and learning environments that reflect their vision, goals, and branding. Desire2Learn and its subsidiaries support more than eight million learners worldwide.

Another of our long-time Instructors, Darl Kolb, received the DEANZ award for Collaborating accross Distance, Functions and Institutional Boundaries.

Darl, of the University of Auckland, teamed up with Bill Smith, of the Eastern Institute of Technology, to run an inter-institutional learning experience over a 10 week period using MikesBikes-Advanced, where students from each institution competed against one another using the Simulation. The project promoted student participation, interaction and teamwork, and was a large success.

The proven experiential learning students are exposed to by using MikesBikes, is a large contributing factor to the success of these courses.

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