Interview with the Latest Hall of Fame Entrant from King’s Own Institute

The second quarter Hall of Fame update is now up in our website. We have a number of new entrants for this quarter and one of them being, “Evil Geniuses” with Mohammad Sohaib, Shehzad, Sifat Khan, Kajol Rai and Sony Tamang from King’s Own Institute who landed at third place in the 2019/2020 Hall of Fame and eighth place at the All-Time Hall of Fame.

We have interviewed the team, represented by Mohammad Sohaib. They shared their experience using the simulation in their Business Project course, the challenges they faced, their strategy and advice for students doing MikesBikes Introduction.

What was your strategy going into the simulation?

Evil Geniuses had a straightforward strategy of investing early and obtaining pay off later in the game.

How did you begin implementing that strategy?

We invested higher in Advertisement and PR depending on the product we launched and did not spend any additional budget on areas that had low sensitivity.

How did you familiarize yourself with the simulation?

We practiced in the Single-Player and used the Live Forecast feature often to work on obtaining the best results.

How would you describe the competition?

The competition was fierce. However, we had a goal of achieving a top position in class and at the Hall of Fame.

What resources did you pull on to develop your winning strategy?

There was enough assistance within the simulation itself, including the Market Summary and Year Ahead reports. Our tutor, Rex Walsh has helped us as well. So it all came together with our efforts as well.

What challenges did you face?

During the 5th until the 7th rollover, our team was behind our closest rival. It really made us apprehensive. However, we managed to pull through as a team and succeeded at the end.

Was there anything in particular you did that you think helped to prepare yourself?

Our advice is to collaborate with each other. Listen to each other, look at what your competitors are doing and from there, develop a strategy. It is also important to practice in the Single-Player and make use of the Forecast features in the simulation (Live Forecast and Forecast Results Reports).

Comments on your experience with the simulation itself.

I personally found the simulation to be quite amazing. I have also enjoyed having a real world experience of running a company through MikesBikes.

Any benefits you feel came from a course with a business simulation incorporate into it rather than pure theory based?

Apart from being able to work as a group, it was an extraordinary chance to apply my knowledge in a competitive environment, which mirrors what it’s like in the real world.

Check out the latest Hall of Fame update.