Image of question on piece of paper: "Does the leftover marketing budget rollover to the next period?"

Music2Go Tip: Leftover Marketing Budget

Besides the view of the Auckland skyline and the iconic Skytower, it is likely you have come to this page searching for the answer to the question: “Does the leftover marketing budget rollover to the next period?”

The short answer? No. It is therefore in your best interest to spend the entirety of your marketing budget (see Budget Spending report under Forecast Results to see how much of your budget you have spent).

Be sure not to overspend on your budget as well. If you do spend more than has been allocated to you then the simulation will cut back on your spending for you which may not be in the manner you would like!


How do you get a larger budget?

Your budget is given to you based on either 50% of your last year’s gross margin (see the Industry Benchmark report under key reports for this figure) or $25 million, whichever is higher (up to a maximum of $50 million).

Alternatively, you can launch a new product which provides your firm with an extra $10 million to fund the launch campaign (but this comes with its own expenses). This funding only lasts for one year.


While there is no ‘one-way’ to win MikesBikes or Music2Go; be sure to check out our tutorial videos¬†and the player’s manual for advice on how to best implement a strategy your team has chosen.

If you have any questions about the simulation feel free to get in touch with us at or fill out a contact us form.