Red Deer – Selkirk – Auckland MikesBikes Competition

In November 2009, the second annual Canadian Colleges’ MikesBikes competition took place. Only this year, the competition expanded across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand. The competing students were not only from Canada’s two prestigious colleges – Red Deer College and Selkirk College; but also from New Zealand’s leading university, the University of Auckland.

MikesBikes allowed students to formulate their own strategy and business plan, and implement decisions to operate an online manufacturing firm. Each decision year (rollover), reports were analysed and decisions made to grow the firm into a long term sustainable enterprise. It was a very successful event and the competitors enjoyed making decisions as much as the instructors and Smartsims’ team enjoyed watching the competition progress. At the end of it, the top three teams were recognised and awarded for their efforts. Such was the level of competition among the three institutions that the top three were each from a different university:

  • The Kiwiland industry was dominated by the firm Great Bug Bikes managed by University of Auckland
  • The Lotusland industry was maximised by the firm Columbia Bikes managed by Selkirk College
  • The Oilatopia industry was captured by the firm Super 5 Corp. managed by Red Deer College

Students used their knowledge, skills and business know-how, backed with prior experience using MikesBikes as a part of their courses, to be tough competition to other firms’ managers. The level of competition was commendably high. Following the recommendation of the college instructors, we hope to make this event a permanent fixture in our calendar.

“Looks to me like we each have a world with a winning team. It was a great competition this year, and my students really enjoyed playing with some out of province and out of country competition. Hopefully we can make this an annual tradition.”

Dustin Quirk
Red Deer College

“This has been a great experience, and we’ve loved it.”

Vicki Little
University of Auckland



Industry Firm SHV Share Price Total SHV Economic Value Created
Lotusland Columbia Bikes $265.19 $260.19 $451,053,438 $56,337,203
Kiwiland Great Bug Bikes $138.83 $124.13 $269,219,543 $40,041,103
Kiwiland Rascal Rides $120.23 $99.39 $192,105,556 $8,020,742
Kiwiland The Hubb $93.69 $74.99 $153,452,128 $9,791,844
Oilatopia Super 5 Corp. $81.54 $68.19 $131,907,516 $13,361,308
Oilatopia Mikes Trikes $75.90 $72.77 $125,932,275 $18,604,071
Oilatopia World Bikes $54.13 $49.93 $104,788,294 $9,778,389
Oilatopia Prestige $46.03 $44.52 $87,540,330 $1,902,938
Lotusland Triple KG Bikes $29.04 $25.39 $52,572,374 $4,582,099
Lotusland Realm Bikes $28.15 $28.15 $55,105,970 $7,255,784
Lotusland Ricky Bobby Inc. $26.40 $23.68 $52,850,008 $3,116,349
Lotusland Firm2 $6.03 $5.13 $12,062,176 -$1,930,537
Kiwiland Perpetual Motion $3.63 $2.91 $8,582,363 $1,932,957
Lotusland Team Caffeine $2.39 $1.11 $4,759,019 -$3,052,345
Kiwiland Nitro $1.92 $1.61 $3,823,019 -$4,190,269
Oilatopia L.A.M Bikes $1.51 $1.51 $3,010,140 -$723,737
Oilatopia Addictive Cycles FA $0.52 $0.01 $999,061 -$13,505,480
Kiwiland Maverick Cycles $0.01 $0.01 $20,000 -$20,289,270

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