The Smartsims Story

Who are Smartsims?

Smartsims are a pioneer in the simulation industry, with over 20 years’ experience in higher education and corporate training. Our fun and easy-to-use business simulations feature in colleges, universities, high schools and companies in 20 countries around the world.

The foundation of simulation-based learning is that we learn best by doing. Therefore, to truly grasp the impact strategy and management decision-making have on business outcomes, students need real-world experience. Smartsims Business Simulations provide a virtual setting for students to bridge theories and concepts taught in class with real-life experience. Through this experiential learning environment, students understand business strategy and management concepts at a deeper level, while creating memorable learning experiences.

Our simulations; MikesBikes Introduction (Foundations of Business Simulation), MikesBikes Advanced (Strategic Management Simulation), Music2Go (Marketing Simulation), MikesBikes Accounting (Management Accounting Simulation) and AdSim (Advertising Simulation) cater for all course types, levels, sizes and delivery methods. Smartsims partner with course instructors to assist with integration, develop structure and content. Backed by the best customer service you will experience. Every member of our team is business degree-qualified and our support team is available around the clock.

Our History

The history of Smartsims dates back to 1990. Smartsims’ founder, Dr Pete Mazany, developed the initial concept for MikesBikes while completing his PhD at Yale University. In 1992 Pete put together a team from the University of Auckland, comprising of researchers and consultants, with the goal of developing a computerized simulation model. Four years later in 1996 they launched their first business simulation to the Australian and New Zealand education market, at the time branded Mike’s Bikes. This early simulation was used in a number of higher education courses, as well as corporate training. A notable achievement was the “PowerStrat”competition which we believe was the first online business simulation competition.

At the turn of the century Smartsims developed key relationships with publishing partners, such as McGraw-Hill Higher Education, to launch our simulations into the North American market. With the demand for simulations growing across American Colleges and Universities, new simulations were developed; MikesBikes Introduction (Foundations of Business), Music2Go Marketing (Principles of Marketing) and AdSim Advertising (Principles of Advertising). The original Mike’s Bikes was redeveloped and launched as MikesBikes Advanced (Strategic Management and Capstone).

In the subsequent years Smartsims has continued to develop key relationships, such as Cengage Learning , Wiley, Barnes & Noble and Follett. Through these partnerships Smartsims’ products are now prevalent across 20 countries; including the United States, Canada, Australia, India, England, Ireland and South Africa.

In 2016 we launched MikesBikes Accounting; a Management Accounting Simulation. This simulation has been used in accounting accreditation courses, including the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, to give accounting and finance students an understanding of business strategy and cross-functional management.


Smartsims are dedicated to providing valuable resources for Instructors seeking to improve student engagement, motivation and learning through business simulations. Smartsims have developed a family of online business simulations designed to support a wide variety of courses ranging from general business, marketing, advertising, management and accounting.

Smartsims has offices in Boston (USA) and Auckland (New Zealand) to provide around-the-clock support.

Our simulations are available direct or from one of our publishing partners (Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill, Nelson Education, Wiley) or from our bookstore partners (Barnes & Noble and Follett).

Real-World Experience for Tomorrow’s Professionals!

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