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For decades, business schools have compartmentalized instruction in the various core components – management, accounting, finance and marketing – while rarely linking one to the other. Quinnipiac University have recognized the value of integrating those core components to augment students’ knowledge and understanding of business practices.

“It’s not just about book learning, it’s about practical experience – as much as can be achieved in a classroom setting”

– Professor Brian Jones.

All incoming freshmen are required to take SB 101, The Business Environment, an introduction to the undergraduate business program. The course teaches basic concepts and how they interrelate. The impetus for the course was to prepare students for the real business world, where they will work in cross-functional teams. Another motivation was to help students choose a major and a career path. “That class exposed me to the different areas of business, and after getting a taste of each subject, I decided I wanted to major in accounting” – sophomore Steven Genova. In addition to the practical experience and team-building, the course helps students develop interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, the top qualities recruiters seek in prospective employees.

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“Students are immersed in business decision-making right from the start of their academic experience, which assists with setting a foundation upon which to build their skills in areas such as strategic and critical thinking”

– Dean Mark A. Thompson.

“It’s realistic, the students love it, it’s an absolute high to teach”

– Professor Brian Jones.