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The 2019 MikesBikes World Champs | Final Results

163 students from around the globe, 97 firms and two weeks of intense competition – we now have the Winner of the 2019 MikesBikes World Champs.

The 2019 MikesBikes World Champs Winner is Mila Lee from University of Auckland!

We are proud to announce that Mila Lee of PedalPals from University of Auckland is the 2019 MikesBikes World Champs Winner! Congratulations Mila for this outstanding achievement!

After the first rollover, Mila came in at third place. However, she has successfully managed to retain the top position throughout the remaining rollovers. Your determination and dedication to succeed certainly showed. We are sure that a lot of students will be inspired by your success.

In Second Place, we have Jin Fong and Luther Gray from Manukau Institute of Technology!

Congratulations Jin Fong and Luther Gray from Manukau Institute of Technology for coming in at second place!

We have seen your journey throughout the competition. There were certainly a lot of ups and downs. However, because of your drive to succeed and your impressive abilities, you were able to achieve success in this year’s competition.

Full Scoreboard

PosFirmSHVTeam MembersInstitution
1PedalPals$136.18 Mila LeeUniversity of Auckland
2Montague Bikes$118.21 Jin Fong | Luther GrayManukau Institute of Technology
3One T Cycles$95.03 Mat MillardTAFE SA
4Rice Inc.$61.36 Taylor RiceArizona State University
5Tindug$50.46 Dung NguyenSelkirk College
6Super Velos$44.55 Shawn ReccaUniversity of Oregon
7RDU Bikes$35.58 George Van Campen | Kaitlyn StolRed Deer College
8H and A Co.$34.86 Aaron Hirahara | Dylan AllenSanta Clara University
9Mikecycles$2.23 Daniel OldakDuquesne University
10Nicks Bees$0.01 Nicolas VallejoBroward College

Thank you to everyone who joined!

To the Top 10 Finalists, to all our Qualifying Round competitors and to the instructors – it was such a pleasure to have you all in this year’s MikesBikes World Champs! It wouldn’t be a success if it wasn’t for you all. We are certain that you have inspired all current and future students using MikesBikes to strive for success. We wish you all the best!