Mila Lee from UoA

2019 MikesBikes World Champs Winner: Mila Lee from University of Auckland

Mila Lee also known as Da Li (pictured on the right) competed against the best teams from around the globe and have achieved a Shareholder Value of $136.18.

To wrap up the 2019 MikesBikes World Champs, we have interviewed Mila and ask her about their experience in the competition and what she thought about the simulation.

1. What is your decision making process within the simulation?

After each rollover, I would start by studying the reports and learn about the new market environment, evaluate the opponents’ moves and identify the strengths and weaknesses internally. Based on the above information and my overall strategy, I would make decisions for the next rollover.

2. What was your strategy going into the simulation?

I guess my strategy would be keeping the ultimate goal—boosting SHV in mind. Try to think one step ahead and always keep a close eye on the market. Analyzing corporate positions constantly and prioritize spending. I would make a full product development schedule from the start and use financial decisions wisely.

3. What challenges did you face? How did you overcome these? 

The biggest challenge for me is even if I had the idea of minimizing cost and waste in mind when I make each decision, the results were usually different from what I anticipated, a majority of the time. I would just learn from the results, doing more analysis and try to be more precise in the next round.

4. Was there anything, in particular, you did that you think helped to prepare yourself? 

My prep job started by digging into the Manuel and learn the basic logic, practice as much as I can using the single-player version. As I get more familiar with the simulation, I begin to put the theories I learned throughout my course into real use.

5. What do you think of the business simulation? 

It’s my first time using a business simulation and I think it’s more fun to learn this way. I get to coordinate and make decisions concerning each functional area of the company, which makes me feel more participated and in control.

6. Comments on your experience in your course simulation and with the MikesBikes World Champs

It was an enjoyable and educational experience, I get to work within a team during my course simulation, besides developing business management skills, it also provides a place for leadership to emerge. The World Champs is another chance to compete with the best teams throughout the world, it was a wonderful game and I enjoyed each and every rollover. 

7. Advice to future students

Don’t be too frustrated or afraid to lose, focus on absorbing from the experiences and most of all, enjoy the simulation!

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