MikesBikes World Champs

MikesBikes World Champs


The final rollover for the Final Round was recently processed. Well done to all the teams, the performance was of a very high standard!

Congratulations to the 2022 MikesBikes World Champs Winner No Gas Mobility from University of Saint Mary’s Canada with Cristian Arias, Karanbir Singh Sandhar & Nirmallya Addy! Well done for remaining in the number one spot throughout the competition!

Congratulations as well to our second place team, BG Bikes from Santa Clara University with Brandon Er and Gwynnie Wong! For students who only used MikesBikes Intro, you both have done a fantastic job in the competition!

It was an intense competition to watch as firms in second and third place were constantly changing! two tired from University of Auckland and Wheely Cool from University of Adelaide put up a very good fight and made massive improvements in their performances.

We will be in contact with the winning teams shortly. A big round of applause for everyone who competed in the 2022 MikesBikes World Championship! Well done!

PosFirmSHVTeam MembersInstitution
1No Gas Mobility$276.33Nirmallya Addy | Cristian Arias | Karanbir Singh SandharSaint Mary’s University Canada
2BG Bikes$188.36Brandon Er | Gwynnie WongSanta Clara University
3Wheely Cool$171.51Lachlan Coombe | Matthew ButtonUniversity of Adelaide
4two tired$141.41Adam Bradley | Emilie SedelmayrUniversity of Auckland
5K. AUS INC.$70.10Gavin Aus | Megan KiserUniversity of Idaho
6Atlas Bikes Inc$56.79Jerry NilesCentra Carolina Technical College
7MIT Manukau NZ$27.10Robert WaruManukau Institute of Technology
8Firm3$2.82Tyler Whitman | Cassidy HayesChristopher Newport University
9BGS Inc.$0.74Stephanie Olesen | Bryan McCooeye | Georgie KunzLoyalist College
10Firm5$0.49Taylin HeinBaker University

The MikesBikes World Champs (MWC) is an opportunity for the best performing MikesBikes teams from around the world to compete for the title of MikesBikes World Champion. Entrance is FREE for all participants.

All Time MWC Wall of Champions.

How do I enter the competition?

Smartsims will invite the top teams from courses around the world who have used either our MikesBikes Intro or MikesBikes Advanced business simulations. Please note the competition will be conducted using the MikesBikes Advanced simulation (browser version only). Any number of members from the team can compete, but there can only be one competing team per invitation.

Your response to our invitation email must be received prior to December 4, 2022 at 6pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

How is a winner determined?

At the end of the Final Round, the firm with the highest Shareholder Value will be crowned the MikesBikes World Champion. Both the winner and runner up will be featured in our website.

The winners will join previous title holders featured on the Wall of Champions. Both first and second place will receive a certificate, and a professionally written article on their achievement which we will promote externally (often published on university websites and newsletters). This achievement and the published article will be a great addition to your resume and are accessible by prospective employers.

How will the competition be structured?

The competition will run in two rounds: a Qualification Round and a Final Round.

In the Qualification Round, you will be competing against other students. After the fourth rollover of the Qualifying Round, the Top 10 companies ranked by Shareholder Value across all qualifying firms will move to the Final Round where competitors will start a new simulation and complete 6 rollovers.

The qualifying participant(s) will be determined by the highest Shareholder Value in the Qualifying Round. Where two or more teams qualify from the same school, only the top team based on Shareholder Value will be admitted to the Final Round.

In the Final Round, the Top 10 teams will be competing against each other in one Multi-Player World.

Note: After each rollover you can identify where your company is ranked by referring to the Scoreboard that will be featured on this page.

Competition Decision Deadlines

You can convert the times below to your local timezone here.

Qualifying Round – Rollover 1All Worlds12/6/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Tue)
Qualifying Round – Rollover 2All Worlds12/7/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Wed)
Qualifying Round – Rollover 3All Worlds12/8/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Thu)
Qualifying Round – Rollover 4 (Double)All Worlds12/11/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Sun)
Final Round – Rollover 1All Worlds12/13/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Tue)
Final Round – Rollover 2All Worlds12/14/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Wed)
Final Round – Rollover 3All Worlds12/15/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Thu)
Final Round – Rollover 4All Worlds12/18/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Sun)
Final Round – Rollover 5All Worlds12/19/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Mon)
Final Round – Rollover 6 (Double)All Worlds12/20/2022 22:00:00 PM EST (Tue)

Note: The last rollover for both the Qualifying and Final Rounds will be a double-rollover.

Additional info for competitors

Limitation on product development: In MWC we have limited the total number of design & development projects to 2 per year so as to encourage more strategic decision making in a limited-resources type environment.

Offline Mode: The Offline Mode test feature will be disabled for the entire duration of the competition.

Takeovers: The Takeovers feature will be disabled for the entire duration of the competition.

What if I have only used MikesBikes Intro?

Don’t be intimidated, we have had previous winners of the competition who had only used MikesBikes Intro in their course. We will provide you with access to MikesBikes Advanced prior to the competition so you can practice.