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2024 First Quarter: Latest Music2Go Marketing and AdSim Advertising Hall of Fame Entrants

Presenting the first quarter entrants of the Music2Go Marketing and AdSim Hall of Fame. These exceptional students epitomize dedication and perseverance in the simulation world, showcasing the tangible rewards of their unwavering commitment. Their achievements shine as a guiding light for their peers, illustrating that anything is achievable with determination and focus.

Music2Go Marketing First Quarter Hall of Fame Entrants

We have five new entrants from University of Southern Maine.

Nathan Haskell takes 1st Place and 8th Place in the All-Time Hall of Fame. In 4th Place we have Ryan Curran. In 6th Place we have Lyndsey Kamszik. In 7th Place we have Lilly Dwyer and in 12th Place we have Aiden Giles.

Music2Go Hall of Fame

AdSim Advertising First Quarter Hall of Fame Entrants

We have two new entrants from Durham College in the Single-Player Hall of Fame.

From Durham College we have Gurpreet Singh in 2nd Place and Ravneet Singh in 10th Place.

AdSim Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all the students for this outstanding achievement!