MikesBikes World Champs

MikesBikes World Champs: Past Winners

Welcome to the MikesBikes World Championship (MWC) page recounting the historic winners of this competition year to year.

2023 MWC Competition Results

2023 marks the 15th anniversary of MikesBikes World Champs, and the competition concluded with Steven Szeles and Griffin Wirth of Pikes Bikes from the University of Idaho emerging as the new MikesBikes World Champs Winners! Congratulations to the winning team and to the rest of the teams and individuals who have participated in the World Champs! 

Hear from Steven and Griffin as they share their experience in the competition here.

Pos Firm Team Members School SHV
1 Pikes Bikes Steven Szeles | Griffin Wirth University of Idaho $174.36
2 Momentum Trevor Dix Ithaca College $171.50
3 Chin Industries Eason Chin | L Zheng | Riston Bertoli Rochester Institute of Technology $159.87
4 BigBikeEnergy Steven Downs | Cole Hart Methodisty University $149.41
5 Cycle Xpert Sam Good University of Auckland $140.35
6 Moreno Inc Miguel Moreno University of Oregon $124.12
7 Blue Sky Bikes Jaden Bensky University of Colorado Boulder $121.15
8 Seaning Light     $90.30
9 Cosmic Cycles Molly Fee Westmoreland County Community College $59.81
10 Big Bike Brand Kristaffer Snyder | Dalton Houpt | Taylor Murphy Slippery Rock University $13.62

2022 MWC Competition Results

The 2022 MikesBikes World Champs concluded with a team from Saint Mary’s University bagging the MikesBikes World Champs title. Congratulations to No Gas Mobility with Nirmallya Addy, Christian Arias and Karanbir Singh Sandhar!

Firm Team Members SHV School
No Gas Mobility Nirmallya Addy | Cristian Arias | Karanbir Singh Sandhar $276.33 Saint Mary’s University
BG Bikes Brandon Er | Gwynnie Wong $188.36 Santa Clara University
Wheely Cool Lachlan Coombe | Matthew Button $171.51 University of Adelaide
two tired Adam Bradley | Emilie Sedelmayr $141.41 University of Auckland
K. AUS INC. Gavin Aus | Megan Kiser $70.10 University of Idaho
Atlas Bikes Inc Jerry Niles $56.79 Central Carolina Technical College
MIT Manukau NZ Robert Waru $27.10 Manukau Institute of Technology
Firm3 Tyler Whitman | Cassidy Hayes $2.82 Christopher Newport University
BGS Inc. Stephanie Olesen | Bryan McCooeye | Georgie Kunz $0.74 Loyalist College
Firm5 Taylin Hein $0.49 Baker University

Thank you so much to all the instructors and participants of the 2022 MikesBikes World Champs! 

2021 MWC Competition Results

113 students representing 27 universities and colleges around the globe participated in the 2021 MikesBikes World Champs.  The competition wraps up with a huge milestone for Belmont Abbey College as they win their first MikesBikes World Champs title! The winning duo is Jake Rybarski and Timothy Gosnell. They have shared their experience in the competition here.

Thank you to all the instructors and students for your support in the 2021 MikesBikes World Champs!

2020 MWC Competition Results

Over 130 students have participated in the 2020 MikesBikes World Champs. The results were unpredictable and were constantly changing after every rollover. After 3 weeks of intense competition, we now have the latest MikesBikes World Champs title holder – Ivan Bondarenko from Webber International University. He also shared his experience in the competition here.

In second place we have a duo from University of Auckland, York Yang & Jiabao Wang.

On behalf of Smartsims, we would like to congratulate all those who competed in this year’s competition.

To the instructors, thank you for your continued support and well done to all your students who participated in this year’s competition. We’re looking forward to the next!

Pos Firm SHV Team Members School
Winner Big Damage Co. $165.74 Ivan Bondarenko Webber International University
Second Place WEAVE WORLD $151.52 York Yang | Jiabao WANG University of Auckland
3 Jersey Rides $69.76 Gerard Sweeney New Jersey Institute of Technology
4 Boiks Inc $61.77 Dan Phan Drexel University
5 LightningMcbikeWORLD $34.39 Sean Lin | Armando Abarca Santa Clara University
6 RoadRunners $11.47 Alexander Clapp | Isaieh Heiken | Cydney Diaz | Rachel Tweedy Linn Benton Community College
7 Hoosier Bikes $4.97 Jack Guiboux | Jason Giza | Quinn Rile | Brett Abbott | Brandon Kirkman | Cameron Trueblood Pi Sigma Epsilon
8 CyberCycles $1.50 Noah Ertz Des Moines Area Community College
9 Firm10 $0.82 Kevin D’cunha Australian Catholic University
10 Emica $0.38 Jems Raquel Clacio Selkirk College

You can view the full Scoreboard here.

2019 MWC Competition Results

163 students from around the globe, 97 firms and two weeks of intense competition – we now have the Winner of the 2019 MikesBikes World Champs.

The 2019 MikesBikes World Champs Winner is Mila Lee from University of Auckland!

We are proud to announce that Mila Lee of PedalPals from University of Auckland is the 2019 MikesBikes World Champs Winner! Congratulations Mila for this outstanding achievement!

After the first rollover, Mila came in at third place. However, she has successfully managed to retain the top position throughout the remaining rollovers. Your determination and dedication to succeed certainly showed. We are sure that a lot of students will be inspired by your success.

In Second Place, we have Jin Fong and Luther Gray from Manukau Institute of Technology!

Congratulations Jin Fong and Luther Gray from Manukau Institute of Technology for coming in at second place!

We have seen your journey throughout the competition. There were certainly a lot of ups and downs. However, because of your drive to succeed and your impressive abilities, you were able to achieve success in this year’s competition.

Full Scoreboard

Pos Firm SHV Team Members Institution
1 PedalPals $136.18 Mila Lee University of Auckland
2 Montague Bikes $118.21 Jin Fong | Luther Gray Manukau Institute of Technology
3 One T Cycles $95.03 Mat Millard TAFE SA
4 Rice Inc. $61.36 Taylor Rice Arizona State University
5 Tindug $50.46 Dung Nguyen Selkirk College
6 Super Velos $44.55 Shawn Recca University of Oregon
7 RDU Bikes $35.58 George Van Campen | Kaitlyn Stol Red Deer College
8 H and A Co. $34.86 Aaron Hirahara | Dylan Allen Santa Clara University
9 Mikecycles $2.23 Daniel Oldak Duquesne University
10 Nicks Bees $0.01 Nicolas Vallejo Broward College

2018 MWC Competition Results

Our 2018 MikesBikes World Champs is Whatever-Go from University of Auckland! Big congratulations to Wiput Tantulaphongse, Yijing Tang, Meiyicong Lin, Zhen  Peng and Fengkai Han for this outstanding achievement! They have managed to achieve the second highest Shareholder Value from the past 9 MikesBikes World Champs!

In second place, we have Swan from De Anza College with Makysm Chernenko and in third place, we have NGUYEN Inc with Nguyen Pham from Selkirk College. Incredible work, well done!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the competition! You have all done very well and carried your school with pride!

Pos Firm SHV Team Members School
1 Whatever – Go $490.59 Wiput Tantulaphongse | Yijing Tang | Meiyicong Lin | Zhen Peng | Fengkai Han University of Auckland
2 Swan $241.53 Maksym Chernenko De Anza College
3 NGUYEN Inc $140.16 Nguyen Pham Selkirk College
4 Booster Inc. $134.60 Ahmet Yasin Kuzucu Dokuz Eylul University
5 Momentum Bikes $41.73 Alicia Covert | Mike Covert Baker University
6 CyclePath $34.04 William George Jr | Maxwell Schuler | Jonas Correa | Jared Lerner | Axel Miazga Quinnipiac University
7 Rough Riders $5.00 Monica Lannen | Noah Trone Christopher Newport University
8 vakn $0.90 Kha Phan | Ashby Creighton Des Moines Area Community College
9 Rad Penny Farthings $0.01 Michael McCafferty Linn Benton Community College
10 Shiba Ninja $0.01 Quang Nguyen | Zoe Tran Drexel University

View the Full Scoreboard

2017 MWC Competition Results

The 2017 MikesBikes World Championship has finished with a bang! Team Exodus from The University of Auckland has secured the top position as 2017’s MikesBikes Champs and have joined the MikesBikes Wall of Champions. Team GOFAST, also from The University of Auckland, came in close second with an impressive performance! These top two teams certainly had the will to succeed and win the competition.

These two teams were neck-and-neck in the last few rounds of the competition battling for first place. Both teams constantly putting pressure on each other to adapt to their market and make growth-orientated decisions.

A huge congratulations to all the teams who have participated in the 2017 MikesBikes World Champs!

Here are the Final Round’s Rollover Results:

Team Members
Exodus $327.81 Siyi Tang | William Setiawan | Jiedong Chen | Jayca Y. Siddayao | Mingchang Liang | Robbi A. Harnass University of Auckland
GOFAST $313.41 Harriet Zhang | Golf Tantulaphongse | Xu Wang University of Auckland
Infinity $152.80 Sunil Ravindran | Thi Thu Vu | Manfei Cheng | Zhaonan Liu University of Auckland
Pedal to the Medal $88.06 Peter Bojsza Drexel University
Scooty Puff Legends $86.79 Jamison stewart | Zachary Khan | Nathan Jarrad Linn Benton Community College
Square Tires $2.80 Chris Mitchell | Nick Dawson | Darrell Davis Indiana University Southeast
Apex Bikes Co. $0.01 Zachary Abel Des Moines Area Community College
K2K $0.01 Kimberly Dowe Linn Benton Community College
SB Corp. $0.01 Kaushik Shah Midwestern State University
Van der Zwan AJ Inc. $0.01 AJ van der Zwan Ithaca College

2016 MWC Competition Results

The Sixth and Final Round rollover for the 2016 MWC was processed on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. Algonquin College’s Helen Wheels was the winner of the Competition, maximizing Shareholder Value in a tough marketplace. The University of Auckland’s Bat Wheels came in well deserved second place.

Our two winners had the following to say:

First Place – Helen Wheels from Algonquin College

2016 MWC First Place Holder Joshua Kalman

“That was a very aggressive first round by everyone. Even though the ending SHVs may not reflect it, the first few rollovers were challenging. It was fun competing with everyone and putting concepts I learned from school into practice.”

Second Place: Bat Wheels from the University of Auckland

2016 MWC Second Place Holder M Sami

“Never knew running my own company could be so much fun.  Smart Sims has provided us with a great business simulation and I will miss being a part of this competition”

Pos Firm SHV School Team Members
1 Helen Wheels $291.13 Algonquin College Joshua Kalman
2 Bat Wheels $119.88 University of Auckland Mohammad Sami Siddiq
3 Dr Sprocket $106.48 University of Auckland Nicholas Goddard | Meng Zhang | Tingyu Fu | Yanxin Jiang | Philipp Noack
4 2 of the 3 Stooges $1.55 Bethany College Josh Hickok | Tanner Wallace
5 Top Air $1.44 Waikato Institute of Technology Qi Zeng | Li Zhang
6 Bonilla Ice $0.01 Santa Clara University Brian Bonilla
7 Holy Spokes Inc $0.01 University of Idaho Zachary Thomas
8 Tortoise Inc $0.01 Drexel University Alexander Kaloudis

2015 MWC Competition Results

The Sixth and Final Round rollover for Smartsims’ 2015 MikesBikes World Champs concluded with Bikes R Us from University of Haifa executing a strategy with perfect timing and precision, ultimately reigning supreme! Leshaw from University of Auckland managed to finish a solid second, winning a tough battle against other contenders.

First Place: Bikes R Us from the University of Haifa
Bikes R Us Team

“After two second place in the past for the University of Haifa we are proud to finally win this competition. We took the lead in the second round and it was very challenging to keep it to the final round. It was a very great experience to compete both against our friends from the university and in 2015 Championship.

It was a great learning experience to play in MikesBikes, we would like to thank the other competitors from the finals and we wish everyone success in the future.” – Bikes R Us

Second Place: Leshaw from the University of Auckland

Congratulations to all those who competed in this year’s competition and wish you well in your future endeavours.

A full Scoreboard can be seen below:

Rank Institution Firm SHV Firm Participants
1 University of Haifa Bikes R Us $296.32 Aviram Cohen, Tal Shain, Daya Lettvin, Gadi Alon
2 University of Auckland Leshaw $231.08 Kaisaier Keyum
3 University of Auckland The Mighty Dumplings $176.86 Samuel Kiss
4 North Island College CyclePath $128.23 Cheri Carroll

2014 MWC Competition Results

First Place: Apollo from the University of Auckland

“It is an amazing experience to compete in MBWC, Bikes R Us Teamand this game provided us with great opportunities to improve business analysis skills, team work and communication skills. We really appreciate it” – Hui from Team Apollo

Second Place: Momentum from Red Deer College

Congratulations to both teams and thank you everybody who participated! It was another great year and another intense competition!

The final scoreboard is below:

Rank Firm Institution SHV Team Members
1 Apollo University of Auckland $356.64 Tong Xu | Xiaoyu Zhou | Jarassiva Sivapirunthep | Hui Wang | Yuxin Su | Yuchi Shen
2 Momentum Red Deer College $195.46 Jordan Collier | Rylie Schaefer | Sam Debree | Mike Dobrowolski | Ryan Dahmer
3 The Cycle Shop University of Auckland $154.70 Sarah Lowe
4 weCycle University of Waterloo $131.72 Jeffrey Ying | Shannon Lan | Linda Zhang | Shivi Agarwal
5 Cycology TAFE NSW – Ultimo $2.15 Johan Wasserman
6 Felt Racing University of Waterloo $2.00 Andre Ostrovsky | Zi Heng Cao | Archit Shori | Melody Zheng
7 The Underachievers University of Waterloo $0.01 Jonathan Tsang | Eric Pang | Tom Zeng
8 Waterloo Bikes University of Waterloo $0.01 Austin Montgomery

2013 Championship Final Results

The sixth and final rollover for Smartsims’ 2013 MikesBikes World Champs was processed leaving the ultimate Champion is Xavier Wills from TAFE South Australia. All firms started the competition with a similar strategy but through unrelenting focus on the market, his firm and the products his firm was selling, Xavier Wills climbed up the leader-board, continuing to adapt to survive and excel!

“Competiting in the Mikes Bikes Championships was a great learning experience and has helped further my understanding of business and marketing principles, especially in regards to meeting the demands of the consumer. It was a very tough competition and full credit to SPIRIT BIKES, who were almost impossible to overcome. Best of luck to all of the competitors from the finals, I wish them all the best for their future business endeavors.” – Xavier Wills, Integrated Smack

The top performing firm was followed closely by SPIRIT BIKES, run by the University of Haifa’s dedicated students, Oren Feldman and Sharon Sisso. They gave a solid challenge till the very end and had us here at Smartsims guessing till the last minute!

It is no easy task being successful in the midst of giant conglomerates like the Top 2, but Middle Georgia State College’sHamid Ganjikia found a position for his firm Cyrus to not only survive, but also thrive!

The 2013 MWC is the most interesting competition we’ve seen in recent times and it was no small feat to get to the Final Round. We would like to wish all the firms in the Final Round, not just the winners, all the best for their future endeavours! It was a pleasure spectating and we hope the Competition has been a great learning and fun experience for all of you.

Here are the results from the Final Rollover:

Rank Firm Institution SHV Competitors
1 Integrated Smack TAFE SA AIT $335.11 Xavier Wills
2 SPIRIT BIKES University of Haifa $325.73 Oren Feldman, Sharon Sisso
3 Cyrus Middle Georgia State College $132.87 Hamid Ganjikia
4 Luxury Bertels College of Staten Island $20.08 Javad Ali, Usman Ahmed, Mohammad Chugtai, Catherine Jeanbart
5 Cycle Paths Loyalist College $1.44 Aaron Sutherland
6 dyNMites NMIMS Mumbai $0.90 Nooruddin Hussain

2012 Championship Final Results

The 2012 MikesBikes-Advanced World Champions are…

First Place to Accounting Cyclers from the University of Waterloo – imageWith its fair share facing challenges, the Accounting Cyclers rose against powerful competitors like SAPYU and Still Life on a Pear, executing a well-timed strategy to come far ahead of the competition. The winners had a great experience synthesizing teamwork with victory.

“It was an amazing experience competing in the MikesBikes World Championship – thank you for providing us with the opportunity to use our skills and teamwork in such a dynamic business simulation game” – Accouting Cyclers’ Spokesman, Daniel Zhang

Second Place to SAPYU of Drexel University – Starting off as a strong contender, SAPYU stayed in top positions throughout the duration of the competition! The firm’s greatest strength was its ability to grow steadily despite constant changes to the industry.

“MikesBikes-Advanced has been a very good learning tool. imageBeing able to manage marketing, operations and financing all together and see the results of our decisions in first hand was not a small thing. The competition during the final round was intense, nothing was set until the last rollover. This experience will be very helpful to any career” – SAPYU Spokesman, Weilei Yu

Final Scoreboard

Rank Firm Institution SHV Competitors
1 Accounting Cyclers University of Waterloo $337.28 Ray Liu, Liang (Zhongshi) Chen, Alice Poon, Daniel Zhang
2 SAPYU Drexel University $196.11 Weilei Yu, Aaron Hartmann, Summer Rose Horan, Daniel Pinto
3 Still Life on a Pear University of Waterloo $167.27 Quinn Fischer
4 Cyclepath Bikes University of Auckland $156.08 Jane Choi, Joshua Robinson, Rachel Gabriel
5 Cyclone Christopher Newport University $8.01 Stephen Browne
6 Belicoli Bikes Manukau Institute of Technology $1.44 Virginia Imhoff
7 Firm6 University of Auckland $0.01 Louis Tangiia, Owen Isaachsen, Johan Lim
8 Vanquish Cycles Drexel University $0.01 Jerome Lynch

2011 Championship Final Results

The 2011 MikesBikes-Advanced World Champions are…

First Place to Matt Hopkins – Hailing from Bowling Green State University, USA, Matt veered his firm Iron Bike Tyson to victory, while competing with other powerhouse firms like ELOTI and Fairly Cool Cycles. Having established a strong foothold in the market from early on, Matt says he found the competition fun and extremely competitive!

“I would first like to thank all the competitors, you made this an extremely challenging competition. I constantlyMatthew Hopkins found myself questioning and tweaking my strategy to adapt to the hyper-competitive market. Overall, this
was an excellent experience and I couldn’t be any happier” – Matt Hopkins

Second Place to Tomer Weistuch, Inbal Nishlis, Ortal Azulay and Liora Barac – Competing from the University of Haifa, Israel, this team stayed in top positions all throughout the competition. The firm’s biggest strength was being long term sustainable, while maintaining steady profits. Team spokesperson Tomer Weistuch passes on this message:

” Thanks for the opportunity to learned a lot about business through the game. It was a great learning experience” – Eloti

2011 Final Scoreboard

Team Name SHV School Country Team Members
Iron Bike Tyson $177.64 Bowling Green State University USA Matt Hopkins
ELOTI $119.19 University of Haifa Israel Tomer Weistuch, Inbal Nishlis, Ortal Azulay, Liora Barac
Fairly Cool Cycles $110.83 Queens University Canada Ian Little
KIWIRIDER $98.72 University of Auckland New Zealand Benafsha Hajati, Pavneet Sabharwal, Nathan Harding, Craig Cao, Michael Ledingham, Jason Wong
free riders $95.53 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad India Satish Korrapati, Kantesh D.Patil, Dushayntha Kumar C
QC Cycle $60.67 St Ambrose University USA Ryan Bloomberg, Krystal Burger, Heather Keyt
AUI $0.01 Al Akhawayn University Morocco Noureddine Chara
Firm8 $0.01 University of British Columbia Canada Cameron Drummond

The competition was a huge success and Smartsims would like to congratulate all those who competed this year competition. We wish you well in your future endeavours and thank you for the value you added to this event.

2010 MWC Competition Results:

The 2010 MikesBikes-Intro World Champion is…

Charles Lu from the University of Auckland.

Congratulations to Charles who narrowly won the final ahead of Garett Webb with a SHV of $97.14. Special mention also goes to Mark Delecate from the Munich Business School who won the Plate Final. Check out the Final Scoreboard below for a full run down.

“It was very exciting to participate in this competition asCharles Lu, 2010 MikesBikes-Intro World Champ the result in the end was very close. I would also like to congratulate the other prize winners for their fine results. I have used MikesBikes a few times in the past and each time it offers a unique experience because there is no single best solution to the game. You have to respond to your competition as well as implement your own strategy. I am looking forward to participating in future events!”
– Charles Lu

Congratulations to the award winning participants:

  • 1st Cup Final Firm – Charles Lu SHV $97.14
  • 2nd Cup Final Firm – Garett Webb SHV $89.16
  • 1st Plate Final Firm – Mark Delecate SHV $63.74

The Cup Final competitors were neck to neck for most of the competition! While Garett Webb started out strong and maintained the lead for the first half of the game, Charles Lu executed his strategy with perfect timing and precision, ultimately reigning supreme! Special mention goes to Hieu Ha, who ran a very successful and profitable firm. Their firm was very cost effective, with profits nearly as high as the winners, even with lower sales.

In the Plate Final, while Tang Tang and Mark Delecate started out strong, it was Adam Thompson who was Mark’s main competition. However, Mark Delecate had a strong business plan, and always stayed ahead of the competition, ultimately winning the final prize.

Full credit goes to the winners who fought close battles and emerged as victors! From the Scoreboard report you can see that consistently large Profit margins won the competition for the firms. The top performing Firms did this through being the most efficient with their spending, achieving the most effect from each dollar spent.

On behalf of Smartsims, we would like to congratulate all those who competed in this year’s competition and wish you well in your future endeavours.

Cup Final Scoreboard

Firm University SHV Share Price Profit Sales
Charles Lu University of Auckland $97.14 $75.52 $6,923,433 $25,142,521
Garett Webb University of Auckland $89.16 $73.02 $6,687,650 $22,230,293
Hieu Ha Drexel University $55.52 $27.28 $5,411,153 $19,585,217
Hoa Tran Drexel University $36.99 $21.18 $1,571,758 $15,200,640
Sergey Druhakou Robert Gordon University $26.17 $18.51 $2,497,654 $17,829,980

Plate Final Scoreboard

Firm University SHV Share Price Profit Sales
Mark Delecate Munich Business School $63.74 $49.40 $6,671,722 $21,209,510
Adam Thompson De Anza College $52.07 $45.89 $4,149,567 $17,060,510
Tang Tang Auckland University of Technology (AUT) $11.77 $11.77 $1,658,359 $25,253,587
Andy Stream University of Auckland $6.47 $6.47 -$179,211 $11,376,885

2009 MWC Competition Results

Congratulations to the teams below:

1st Place – Winners: Life on Two Wheels (Canada) – $655.79 SHV
Andrew Leung
Arnold Hang
Mary Ibrahim
Laura Lau Moon Lin

University of Waterloo

2nd Place – Runners Up: Mark’s Bikes (Germany) – $443.37 SHV
Mark Delecate

Munich Business School

Full credit to Life on Two Wheels, who were able to push forward to top place mid-competition, and once there, have really dominated with a convincing win. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams as advertised; we will be in contact shortly to discuss this.

The results speak for themselves; the remaining positions were a close battle heavily fought right down to the last rollover – you had us here at Smartsims on the edge of our seats. Special mention goes to team bbuNZ (New Zealand) who grabbed third place only on the final rollover. Congratulations to those remaining teams that were able to achieve over $200 SHV, Baldwin (Australia) and Legendary (New Zealand).

From the Scoreboard report you can see that although the top Firm did not have the highest Sales, it was their consistent large Profit margin that won them the competition (though large Sales definitely help to achieve that Profit). The top performing Firms did this through being the most efficient with their spending, achieving the most effect from each dollar spent.

On behalf of Smartsims, we would like to congratulate all those who competed in this year’s competition and wish you well in your future endeavours.

Final Competition Standings for 2009 MikesBikes World Championships

Firm Country / Region SHV Share Price Profit Sales
Life On Two Wheels Canada $655.79 $581.01 $59,137,708 $165,763,658
Mark’s Bikes Germany $443.37 $327.35 $52,089,346 $139,802,728
teambbuNZ New Zealand $433.56 $345.00 $58,958,176 $143,050,557
Baldwin Australia $295.06 $197.85 $33,399,486 $190,268,994
Legendary New Zealand $224.90 $176.45 $26,411,975 $100,671,575
Free Wheeling United States, Massachusetts $75.07 $68.16 $12,393,381 $105,164,172