Two students who won MikesBikes in their course

AUT MikesBikes Prizegiving

Semester 1 – 2014

AUT has recently concluded another successful semester using MikesBikes-Intro as part of its Marketing Strategy course. As they do every semester, students first got introduced to the simulation to understand the bare essential business concepts necessary to survive. As they watched and learnt, they were able to refine strategies to adapt to changes at every level, allowing them to gain valuable capabilities like understanding the cross functional nature of business; data analysis skills; and a familiarity working in dynamic environments.

It is our pleasure to reveal the Top 3 Teams for 2014 Semester1. They had to compete against nearly 150 other classmates over 11 weeks to top the Scoreboard:

It is our pleasure to reveal the Top 3 Teams for 2014 Semester1. They had to compete against nearly 150 other classmates over 11 weeks to top the Scoreboard:

1. Cycle Stars Inc – Managed by Daniel Gate, Sudeep Giri and  Simone Gifford.

2. LifeCycles – Managed by Aaron McDowell, Paige Mortleman, Keng Hoe Ng and Neshalin Naidu.

3. Firm5 – Managed by Taryn Tracey, Giang Tran Nguyen, Shijie Wei, Jing Yang.

We hope using the simulation was an eye opening experience for all students, guided by AUT 2Drew Franklin, Teaching Assistant at AUT. Drew has been involved with MikesBikes as a part of the Marketing Strategy course since 2012.  He introduces to his students that one of the benefits of the Mikes Bikes simulation is that they can apply the theoretical insights they gain during their coursework within a controlled-system that allows for practical application of theoretical decision-making models; in effect, exploring the relationships between theory and real-world application in a “safe” environment.  As a Marketing and Media Manager for many years before his academic career, Drew can attest to the real-world applicability of the experience and insight gained through the use of the Mikes Bikes simulation for his students.

Semester 2 – 2013

The Marketing Strategy course at AUT over Semester 2, 2013, was highly competitive. In an environment where vision and co-creation were given abundant value, students using MikesBikes-Intro also came to understand the interaction of marketing and non-marketing elements as part of a business. Through the duration of the semester, they not only got to make general business strategy and marketing decisions, but also work in ever changing environments where they had to constantly adapt to survive and excel!

Congratulations to the Top 3 Teams for 2013 Semester Two:

1. Joyce and Deo – Managed by Chun Pong Tsang & Jiale Wang.

2. Rota Cycles – Managed by Cam Bavin, Reuben Dalziel, Carrie Dressler & Duchlon Filipo.

3. Firm5 – Managed by James Willoughby-Morrison, Patrick Wong & Janis Wu.

Smartsims’ Senior Account Manager, Danny Master, was kindly invited to be a part of theAut 3
Prizegiving Ceremony by AUT’s Senior Lecturer Noel Spanier. The Top 3 teams certificates and medals to recognize their outstanding performance.
Smartsims wishes the Top 3 and all other teams in the course the very best for their future endeavours!

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