August Product Updates

Smartsims Product Updates: August 2018

The following are Smartsims product updates available from August 2018. Where product names are noted in the heading, that update only applies to these products.

Smartsims Support Center Goes Live! 

The Smartsims Support Center is our online knowledge-base for all simulations.

Smartsims Support Center

This live resource enables users to find instant answers to their questions, as well as browse a wide range of help topics. The current articles available range from getting started, help with logging in and registration, through to guiding students on how to make decisions.

Full information on this new online resource:

Tutorial on how to use the Smartsims Support Center:


New Live Forecast Feature (MikesBikes  Introduction & Music2Go)

Our new Live Forecast is located at the top-right of all decision screens and displays the two main metrics from the current Forecast Results Reports.

MikesBikes Intro: Forecast Profit & Forecast Cash Available

Music2Go Marketing:  Forecast Marketing Contribution & Budget Remaining.

Smartsims Simulations Live Forecast

These figures on the Live Forecast update in real-time as students click “Apply” on any decision screen. This enables students to easily see the impact of individual decision changes on overall performance.

The figures can then be clicked to bring up the relevant forecast report in full. Previous figures remain in small font below.

The new Live Forecast feature will help students make more informed decisions and provide an immediate warning if they have made poor decisions.


Performance Star Ratings (MikesBikes Introduction & MikesBikes Advanced)

The bottom-left of the simulation interface now features a new gold star rating system:

Smartsims Simulations Performance Rating

The star rating students receive is based on their results from the previous year. A jump in Shareholder Value will result in an additional gold star achieved and vice-versa.

We hope this will further motivate students to improve their performance each year of the simulation.


Editing Product Names (All MikesBikes & Music2Go)

Previously, the name for the initial product has been computer generated (Adv1, Adv2, etc). Now through the Product screen students can edit their product’s name in the first year of the simulation:

Editing Product Name in MikesBikes

Additionally, when students launch a new product, they can now edit the new product’s name at any time prior to the next rollover.


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