Optional CSR Decisions for MikesBikes Introduction Now Available

The inclusion of Corporate Social Responsibility decisions and a company CSR rating will be an optional release for all courses using the MikesBikes Introduction to Business Simulation from January 2023.

New Sustainable Manufacturing Decisions

From year three students can invest in sustainable manufacturing options to become an ethical player in the market.

Students can choose more than one option with their total investment feeding into a new company CSR Rating.

Updating Corporate Branding to Brand Promotion

Instead of a single Corporate Branding expenditure, from year two students are provided with options to promote their brand through Event Sponsorship, Brand Ambassadors and Socially Responsible promotions.

The screens below are multi-select, so they can choose more than one option. Their total Brand Ambassador and Event Sponsorship expenditure feeds into a Brand Awareness rating. Social Responsibility expenditure affects both Brand Awareness and CSR Ratings.

How do I include these decisions in my course?

If you would like to include these updates in your 2023 course let us know.