Common Mistakes in AdSim Article

Common Mistakes in AdSim

When you repeat a mistake, it’s not a mistake anymore. It’s a decision.

-Paulo Coehlo

Over the years, we have noticed a few common mistakes that students make in the simulation that will be reflected in real-life if not learned from. We want you to learn from these mistakes and know how to resolve them.

Here are three of the common mistakes we see AdSim users make:

Mistake #1: Not getting your Brand Positioning strategy right

Getting your Brand Positioning strategy right is vital. Brand position ensures that you are effectively targeting your customers through media advertising with a message that they will respond to. You should purchase the Market Survey of Customer Needs and Brand Positioning Strategy reports.

Mistake #2: Not making customer-focused CRM decisions

The purpose of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy in AdSim is to decide which policies you will implement to keep customers loyal to your brand.

You should view the Market Survey of Customer Needs report to determine which options best meet your target audience.

Mistake #3: Not spending all of your budget

You need to ensure that you spend all your budget. These funds do not carryover to the next year if left unspent.

Do not undervalue the investment in information. Use your budget to purchase the additional reports available through each decision screen.

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