How Do We Prevent Student Cheating in our Simulations?

Through 20+ years developing and running business simulations we have the experience to ensure that student cheating won’t be an issue with our products.

Through the use of a sophisticated model, dynamic simulation scenarios, and real student competitors (not solely computer robots), to be successful the decisions adopted by each student/team must be specific to their industry and their competitor’s decisions. Simply copy the decisions from a previous semester’s course and they will fail to adapt to the market or react to threats from their fellow student competitors.

As a result, every iteration of the simulation is unique. We love hearing from our customers how using our simulations makes teaching a new and exciting experience each semester.

In addition, we offer the following:

  • Regular scenario and decision updates meaning they must rely on the market and company reports to formulate their decisions.
  • Student activity tracking so you and/or us can identify what students have actually being doing while logged in.
  • The option to switch scenarios between semesters or years (MikesBikes only) so students start in different markets with different parameters.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.