2020 December Product Updates by Smartsims


We have introduced a number of exciting updates to three of our simulations, including a new interface and scenario updates.

New Interface for MikesBikes Introduction, Music2Go Marketing & AdSim Advertising

Our new simulation interface is now available to all new courses. This has been a long-term project focused on modernizing the interface and decisions, making the user experience more intuitive and improving student’s access to relevant information.

The new interface and navigation experience is built around a new onboarding process, a new company dashboard and decision screens which provide students with relevant information when they need it. We believe these changes will expedite students becoming power users, and therefore, accelerate learning outcomes.

A New Onboarding Experience

When students first log in, and after each rollover, they are provided with information for the year ahead and a short explainer video to help them get started.

And after a rollover key results are displayed:

The New Company Home Page

Students now have a new company dashboard as the default start page:

The Home Page features company info, KPIs, quick links to product decisions and new decisions, key reports and relevant videos for the year ahead.

Top Menu Navigation

A modern top-menu navigation system groups decisions into logical, functional decision areas.

Select menu items feature a drop-down to access a sub-menu:

Intuitive Decision Screens

Our improved decision screens feature information, results and reports all relevant to the decisions they are making on that specific screen. Also, our integrated Live Forecast at the top-right.

Our New Help Widget

The new Help widget includes a search feature, screen-specific FAQs and videos, and links to updated articles, Player’s Manual and access to the Smartsims Support Team.

Improved Report Menu & Reports

An easier to use approach to the Reports menu, sorted by functional area and each includes a description to help students Updated reports and a new search feature.

Scenario Changes for 2021

MikesBikes Introduction

  • Additional advertising decisions to include modern digital media options; Social Media, Digital Video, Search. This replaces public relations decisions.
  • Integrating Sales Forecast and Production within the Product screen to eliminate making these decisions in separate screens.
  • Starting Year Ahead 2022.

Music2Go Marketing

  • Students will now be working in the Headphones industry.
  • Updated advertising decisions to include Social and Digital Media options.
  • Purchasable reports (additional market research) are now integrated into the relevant decision screens.
  • Starting Year Ahead 2022.

AdSim Advertising

  • Students are promoting Smartphones.
  • Updated decisions to include detailed Social Media, Digital Media and Social Influencers options.
  • Purchasable reports (additional market research) are now integrated into the relevant decision screens.
  • Starting Year Ahead 2022.

What about MikesBikes Advanced?

Our MikesBikes Advanced Strategic Management Simulation has additional complexities and just far greater number of decisions and reports than our other simulation. As such, the new interface and scenario updates for MikesBikes Advanced will be rolled out from 1 December 2022.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Coming Soon)

We are passionate about introducing an ethical component to MikesBikes as we want to emphasize the importance of students being good corporate citizens. This is planned to be part of the December 2022 release.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact me.

– Ian McPherson