Year 1 Decisions

You start the simulation responsible for the Brand Positioning Strategy and
Advertising Plan for your company’s range of Smartphones.

After you have logged in and entered a name for your company, your decisions for year one are:

  1. Choose four Brand Positioning messages to guide your Advertising
    campaign; and
  2. Set your Advertising budget and then allocate this across the five Media

These decision screens are available through either the top navigation main menu or
through your company’s Home page:

Advertising Plan

Under the Advertising Plan screen you will need to first set a total budget and then allocate this across social media, digital media, television, print and radio.

Social Media

Social media platforms enable users to connect and share their stories with others.
These platforms provide companies with the ability to integrate paid advertisements
within the user’s news feed. Specific audience targeting can be achieved through user
interests. Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Digital Media

Advertising through Digital Media allows you to engage and reach potential customers
through their devices. Methods such as paid advertising on search platforms, digital
video and music streaming services. Examples: Google Ads, Youtube, Spotify.


Television (TV) advertising on cable and free-to-air broadcasts is still one of the most
effective methods of reaching a large audience. Live viewers do not have the ability to skip advertisements, so your promotional content is seen by the majority of the viewing audience.


Print advertising covers promotional content featured in magazines, newspapers,
direct mail and out of home advertising. Print media covers a wide range of audiences including specialist technology and audio magazines.


Radio is a traditional media channel which broadcasts content and advertisements
over AM and FM radio frequencies, as well as live streaming and podcasts.

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