Don't just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say about Smartsims:

Darl Kolb is one of the leading instructors of MikesBikes-Advanced from its inception over 15 years ago. He originally adopted the simulation because its foundation was a good fit with his personal philosophy of education "the best way to learn is by doing". He has since used the simulation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

"I would like to sincerely thank you all for another great semester.

As always, your expert team helped us provide an awesome learning experience for our students. Your team makes all the difference and I appreciate your ongoing support and expertise. Your customer service is the best in the business!"

- Nitsa (Professor)

"Just wanted you to know I am really becoming a fan of the simulation. Like business, you are never quite sure what is going to pop up, making you adjust based upon what seems to be working/not working for you and other companies. The students are really enjoying playing with the variables and it has gotten very competitive.

You will be a regular part of this class from here on."

- Dan (Professor)

Professor Richard Brooks and Dr Vicki Little from the University of Auckland discuss their experience with MikesBikes-Advanced

"My sense was that the students loved the simulation. They had fun with the competition aspect, and their business vocabulary seemed to improve as result of working with the reports and making decisions.

The response time I received whenever I had a question was phenomenal; it seemed like you were sitting there waiting for my questions.

We all look forward to using it again next year!"

- Jim (Professor)

"I attended Franklin University (2007) in Columbus, Ohio. We used Mikes Bikes-Advanced in a capstone course but for only a few weeks. My team placed second. I will never forget the experience though.

As a new instructor, I believe that Mikes Bikes will be an effective tool to increase student retention and knowledge as well."

- Yvonne (Professor)

"The MikesBikes simulation is a great way to conclude the class. The students got into the simulation process and found the program engaging and a good applied learning experience. My students thought it a worthwhile assignment and relevant to our content.

Concerning you and the other members of the Smartsims support team, thanks for a job well done! No questions were left unanswered. I appreciated your quick turnaround time and professionalism.

I look forward to continuing the program next year!"

- Bob (Professor)

"Thank you! And by the way, your company's technical support/customer service should be commended. You are always understanding and very prompt. By far, I've never dealt with any company that responded so quickly to my emails and issues. I thought you deserved to know that you all are doing an excellent job! Thank You!"

- Antonio (Student)

"You and your team are extraordinary. This has been a great learning experience for my students.

I am thrilled with the progress of the simulation in my courses. My students seem to be grasping the complexity very well and are learning a lot."

- Lee (Professor)

"We're having a ball with Mike's Bikes! Well, ok, I am. Sure beats lecturing and I think they are learning something as well."

- Beth (Professor)

"Thanks for all of the help that you have given me this semester. MikesBikes continues to be a highlight for students. I'll be using it again in the fall."

- Dale (Professor)

"Our students had a great experience using Mike's Bikes. They were able to put into practice some of the skills they had picked-up in the course.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your cooperation and excellent service."

- Mike (Professor)

"Your firm provides a very detailed, interactive, and easy-to-use interface that encourages additional research and strategies to win the competition. I thoroughly enjoyed the simulation!"

- Steve (Student)

"I really enjoyed working with Smartsims this year. Your service and support was superb."

- Jill (Professor)

"Thank you for the support you guys have always provided. You have done a great job with your service in Music2go and also Mikes Bikes. I know all the students really appreciate it. Thanks!"

- David (Professor)