Testing Decisions in MikesBikes

How do I Test My Decisions in MikesBikes Introduction to Business Simulation?

There are three ways on how you can test your decisions in MikesBikes Introduction to Business Simulation.

1. Live Forecast

The figures on the Live Forecast update in real-time as you click “Apply” on any decision screen. This enables you to easily see the impact of individual decision changes on overall performance.

The figures can then be clicked to bring up the relevant forecast report in full. Previous figures remain in small font below.

The new Live Forecast feature will help you make more informed decisions and provide an immediate warning if you have made poor decisions.

2. Forecast Results Reports

MikesBikes Forecast Results Reports

This menu features reports which give you an indication of your performance – assuming you meet your forecasts.

There are a range of Pro Forma reports available for you to view:

  • Forecast Results Report Overview
  • Pro Forma Income Statement
  • Pro Forma Product Gross Margin Report
  • Pro Forma Cost of Goods Manufactured Report
  • Pro Forma Cashflow Report

3. Offline Mode

This feature in the Multi-Player allows you to try out different decision options and strategies before you commit yourself.

In Offline Mode, your competitors use only their default decisions. So don’t read too
much into the results.

To start Offline Mode, click the “Offline” button next to the Multi-Player launch button.

In Offline Mode, your competitors use only their default decisions. So don’t read too much into the results. For instance, in Offline Mode you might launch new products into empty markets and do very well due to lack of competition. But if you use those same decisions in the Multi-Player, you could do poorly if the other firms choose to launch new products at the same time. So always think about what might happen if your competitors were to do something differently.

Important: After using Offline Mode, your team’s agreed decisions need to be re-entered in the Multi-Player.

Watch our tutorial video here:


Note that this feature might be disabled in your course.

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